Our mission

CargoRadar's mission is to provide transparency and speed in the logistics sector by facilitating processes and communication between freight forwarders and carriers. This will give visibility into the entire supply chain process.

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Benefits for forwarders

  • Quick response with an offer after customer inquiry
  • Quickly find the nearest truck to the cargo address
  • Real-time tracking of the entire transport process - from start to finish
  • On time shipping status to the customer for cargo movement in real time, loading and delivery planning

Benefits for carriers

  • Get more requests by giving the location of the vehicles in real time on the map
  • Reduction of empty kilometers by finding loads near the vehicle
  • By giving forwarders visibility access, phone calls about shipment status are reduced by up to 80%
  • Through real-time truck tracking you reduce waiting time by scheduling loading/unloading slots
  • Harmful CO2 emissions – By reducing the empty kilometers, the harmful emissions of the vehicle are also reduced
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Transparency in the logistic process

Track your vehicles and cargo in real time

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