Integrate your vehicles with our platform to get the maximum benefit of GPS services  has partnerships with several major GPS service providers that are fully integrated with the platform, so if you use one of them, integrating with our platform will be very easy and fast. If we haven't already set up an integration with your current GPS provider, we'd be happy to talk to them about getting you integrated. In case you do not have a GPS service for your fleet you can choose one of our integrated GPS providers

Why integrate with
We recommend that you integrate your vehicles with our platform so that you have access to real-time loading capabilities and build transparent, long-lasting relationships with other members.

Keep your partners updated on the status of their cargo in real time

- Announce your vehicle availability to other members
- If you have GPS installed no additional equipment is needed for successful integration with our platform. All you have to do is set up all the vehicles you want to integrate with The visibility control depends entirely on your preferences. You decide which partner you want to give access to your vehicles
- Our interactive map is automatically updated in real time, making our platform perfectly suitable for displaying on a large screen in your office. This way you are able to better track vehicles and make informed decisions.