How it works

For Carriers

  1.  Carrier profile - only has access to his own vehicles
  2. A carrier can see a list of all registered forwarders and their profiles:
  • Company name and contacts
  • Transport exchanges in which the forwarder has registration
  • Documents: Licenses, insurances, etc
  • Relations
  • Offered services - warehousing, loading, etc.
  1. The carrier has full control over the visibility levels they want to give to registered forwarders on

There are three levels of Visibility:
  • Known - in this column you can move all forwarding companies to which you want to give full visibility access
  • Limited – this list contains all registered forwarding companies
  • No Access – In this list you can move forwarding companies, that do NOT see the carrier's vehicles on the map
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Note: After moving your selected forwarders to the KNOWN column, they will receive a request to join their KNOWN column
4.Only for forwarders added to your KNOWN column you have the following benefits:
  • Track the vehicle(bus/truck)
  • GPS coordinates
  • Future route (if marked)
  • Google Street View
  • Share visibility with forwarder’s client
  • Vehicle number
  • Instantaneous speed

5.Important! After assigning a transport by the Forwarder, the same can request the Carrier to hide the visibility of the vehicle from the map, as only the Forwarder has declared the transport has access to the truck. For all other registered forwarders on the platform, this vehicle becomes invisible on the map.

6.Each truck may be visible or invisible at any time, depending on the carrier's decision: